Common Signs Of A Faulty Transmission Speed Sensor

11 August 2019
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Automotive transmissions are complicated parts that play a very important role in the operation of a vehicle. If any component of the transmission is faulty, it is important to have repairs made as quickly as possible. One component of a transmission is the speed sensor. The speed sensor is responsible for determining the precise speed of the wheels and the engine in order to shift to the proper gear. Unfortunately, transmission speed sensors can wear out or stop working properly, which can cause a number of issues. Driving with a faulty transmission speed sensor can be dangerous. Some of the top symptoms that your car's transmission has a bad speed sensor include:

Problems Shifting Gears

One of the first issues that you may notice when your transmission's speed sensor fails is a problem shifting gears. When the speed sensor is not working, the transmission will not know how fast the car is moving, so it will have problems shifting into the right gear. In most cases, this will result in longer intervals between gears shifting. It is also possible for hard shifting to occur. Never ignore problems with gear shifting-- it is important to have your vehicle checked out as soon as possible so the issue can be diagnosed and repaired.

Cruise Control Does Not Work

Many people rely on their car's cruise control to maintain the speed of the vehicle when driving on freeways or highways. Without a functioning speed sensor that sends information to the transmission and the car's ECU, cruise control will not work. A vehicle will not be able to maintain a set speed when the speed senor is unable to determine how fast the car is moving. Cruise control may seem like a minor feature on a car, but if your cruise control is not working, you need to have your transmission looked at in order to determine if there is a problem with a speed sensor.

Speedometer is Malfunctioning

Knowing how fast you are driving is very important to ensure that you are driving a safe speed and not breaking any traffic laws. When a transmission speed sensor fails, the speedometer may begin malfunctioning since it is not receiving the right information about the speed the car is traveling. Don't continue driving if your speedometer is malfunctioning or not working at all. The last thing that you want is to get a ticket or possibly cause an accident because you're driving too fast and your speedometer is not working. 

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