4 Reasons To Repaint Your Entire Car

31 January 2022
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Paint damage, even when minor, can take a major toll on the visual value of your vehicle. Further, paint damage opens your car up to the possibility of rust and corrosion, problems you definitely don't want to deal with. If you need to have paint damage repaired, consider having the whole car repainted. There are many benefits to this choice. 

1. Avoid Fade Lines

Except for brand-new cars, most vehicles have experienced some color fading naturally thanks to weathering and sun exposure. The older the car or the more frequently it is parked uncovered, then the more obvious the fading can be. When part of a car is repainted following damage, the color fading becomes very obvious. Painting the entire vehicle eliminates the difference.

2. Better Color Matching

If your car was painted a custom color, it can be difficult to match it exactly. It may also be difficult to match some dealer colors, particularly if the body shop you choose is not part of the dealer shop network. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to mix up the perfect match, which may still be different enough to stand out, consider having the entire car repainted so that you don't have to worry about exact color matching. 

3. Hide Small Damages

Often there are small scratches and dull spots on the finish of your car, unless you have only recently driven it off the lot. If you opt to only repaint the damaged panel, then the small damages that were previously hardly noticeable on the rest of the car will suddenly be much more obvious now that there is a neighboring undamaged panel to provide contrast. You can eliminate all scratches simply by opting to repaint your entire car, which can also make the vehicle look almost new again. 

4. Seamless Repair

Auto paint is put on in layers. It begins with a primer, then a couple of coats of paint followed by a clear coat. There may also be additional sealing coats applied, depending on the car and color. When the paint is only touched up on a damaged area, the layers must be built up to match the level of the paint surrounding the repair. Otherwise, you end up with a slight indent or a raised paint bump. This entire process is difficult to pull off perfectly, but repainting the entire car or at least the entire panel can help you avoid the issue. 

Contact an auto body shop if you have dents, scratches, or other paint damages that need to be fixed.