2 Repairs to Have Done Prior to a Road Trip

3 June 2015
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One of the most important things that you can do to prepare for a road trip is to take care of a few basic auto repairs. Simple things like replacing your tires and windshield can help you get the most out of your vehicle throughout your trip.


Tires are often one of the more overlooked aspects of your vehicle, with many people not bothering to replace the tires until one of them becomes damaged. This can be a big problem because old, worn-down tires can affect your car in many different ways.

For example, tires that have little to no tread left are more prone to developing leaks or blowing out completely. This can result in you and your traveling companions being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Worn down tires can also affect you financially. This is because tires that have little to no tread left will not be able to grip the road very well, which requires them to revolve more often to keep your car moving forward.

The extra revolutions of the tire will cause the engine to work harder, which results in lower fuel economy. This means that you will end up spending money on gas that you could have spent on better accommodations, entertainment, or food throughout your trip.

Worn tires are also going to be a rather large safety hazard. Since the worn treads will not grip the road as well, you will not be able to control your vehicle very well if you run into poor weather, which will increase the chances that you will end up in an accident.


Replacing your windshield prior to a road trip is a good idea, mostly because it will help keep you and your passengers safe during the trip. One reason for this is that a new windshield that is devoid of any cracks will not obstruct your vision. Large cracks in a windshield can easily obstruct your vision and can prevent you from noticing road hazards.

Another way that a new windshield can keep everyone in the vehicle safe is by providing additional strength to the roof in the event of a serious accident that rolls your vehicle over. In that type of accident, a damaged windshield can shatter and allow the roof to collapse onto you and your traveling companions.

Speak to an auto repair shop or repair service like Autobahn Service Inc. - Porsche Specialist in order to discuss which repairs are recommended for your vehicle prior to going on a road trip. Replacing the windshield and tires are simple ways to make your car safer to operate throughout the road trip. In addition, new tires can improve your fuel economy and save you a bit of money as well.