Removing Rust Spots From Your Truck's Body

8 June 2015
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If several rust spots are on the sides of your truck's body, they can diminish the appearance of your vehicle and become larger as time passes by. Learn how to sand these areas and add a fresh coat of primer and paint over them to restore your truck to its original condition.

Gather The Following Items

  • sandpaper (low and high grit)
  • hand sander
  • painters tape
  • tack cloth
  • rubbing alcohol
  • lint-free cloths (microfiber)
  • primer (touch-up pen or spray)
  • touch-up paint
  • rubbing compound
  • buffing cloth

​Sand And Clean The Damaged Areas

Sand the rusted spots on your truck's body with low grit sandpaper and a hand sander. Press down firmly on the sander as you move it across the damaged areas. Once all traces of the rust have been removed, lightly sand the truck's body with a piece of fine grit paper. Rub a tack cloth over the sanded areas to remove debris left behind by the sandpaper. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a lint-free cloth and wipe it over the body's surface to remove any dirt that wasn't picked up by the tack cloth.

Apply Primer 

If the amount of rust was minor, a primer pen designed for touching up small areas will work well. Shake the pen to mix the primer. Place the point of the pen on the areas that need primer and press down until the primer flows freely. Fill in the sanded areas by moving the pen over the truck's surface. Wait a few hours for the primer to dry.

If the areas needing primer are larger, primer that comes in a spray can will work better. Apply painters tape to any areas around the sanded sections that you do not want exposed to the primer. Apply an even coat of primer to the truck's body while standing several inches away from the vehicle. Allow plenty of time for the primer to dry. 

Add Touch-Up Paint

Add a coat of touch up paint over the primed areas with the applicator that came with the paint. Brush it on evenly and wait a few hours for it to dry before adding a second coat. Apply a small amount of rubbing compound to the freshly painted surfaces with a buffing cloth. Rub the compound into the truck's surface by moving the cloth around in circular motions. The compound will smooth out the new paint so that it blends in well with the original paint. After the compound turns hazy, wipe it off with a clean cloth.

After completing all of the steps, your truck will no longer have any visible damage. Prevent rust from forming in the future by washing your truck regularly, especially if it is driven over salt-treated roads. 

If your truck has too much rust damage to fix with a touch-up job, contact a professional auto service like Metropolitan Truck Center Inc to schedule a full paint job.