Car Shuddering: Why The Torque Converter May Be The Cause

1 July 2015
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Does your car occasionally start shuddering as if you are driving on a bumpy road? It is possible that you are experiencing signs of a transmission problem, which can stem from the torque converter needing a repair. Find out below about the connection between a torque converter and transmission, as well as what should be done when problems arise.

How is a Torque Converter Related to the Transmission in a Car?

The torque converter is the most important part of your car because it is used to help the transmission function. Your car won't work without a functional transmission. A torque converter is basically used for sending power to the transmission from the engine. Once the transmission has received power from the engine, it is then used to help the gears in your car work.

Your torque converter can't do anything unless there is transmission fluid in your car. The fluid moves the cylinders in the torque converter as a way to activate the hydraulics. The shudders in your car may be the result of your torque converter not having enough transmission fluid. Even if there is a sufficient amount of fluid, it may be contaminated with metal pieces from the engine and dirt.

What Should Be Done When a Transmission Malfunctions?

You must take your car to a mechanic to get a proper diagnosis. He or she will check the transmission fluid level, as well as the condition of the fluid. If it is determined that you need new transmission fluid, you can simply get it changed. Basically, changing the fluid will requires that a large portion of the old fluid is drained out. The mechanic will then put fresh fluid in your car, but contaminants from the old fluid may get in it.

If you want to make sure that your transmission receives a high quality of fluid, you can get it flushed instead of changed. Flushing is a procedure in which all of the old transmission fluid will be removed. Your car will also be flushed with a cleaning solution to remove any contaminants that are trapped. Fresh fluid will then be added to your car.

What Does it Cost to Get Transmission Fluid Changed?

Changing your transmission fluid should cost around $75 or more. However, getting the old fluid completely flushed out can run over $125. You are looking to spend on the high end of the scale for a luxury vehicle like a BMW. Speak with a mechanic like one from Autowerkes so he or she can repair your vehicle and get rid of the shuddering!