Three Kinds of Useful Car Care Apps

6 August 2015
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In this era of smartphones, it's not surprising that there are a lot of applications related to car maintenance. Unfortunately, many of them aren't useful for a regular motorist. However, there are also useful apps that can help you here are four examples of what you can accomplish with these useful apps:

Tracking Car Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your car. Things like fluid changes, belt replacements, air filter replacements and many others are necessary for continued smooth operation of your car. Yet, it's easy to forget about one or two of these – especially the parts you don't normally see, such as belts.

There are apps that can track all these. Many of them require you to input your car maintenance schedule after which you get notifications when a service is due. Many of them also allow you to log in accidents or repair details to help you keep track of your vehicle's health.

Estimating Repairs

If there is one piece of advice that has been repeated numerous times, it is the need for comparing quotes before carrying out estimates. Yet, the conventional methods of doing this – calling or looking up answers on websites – aren't always convenient.

Apps that estimate repair prices let you do the comparison simply by keying in what you need to fix. It's very convenient if your car breaks down away from home and you don't have access to your regular mechanic. It will give you the comparison plus the locations of the nearest mechanics. 

Sourcing Auto Parts

Just like car repair prices, costs of spare parts also vary a lot – and there is also a risk of buying an incompatible part if you don't have professional advice. Therefore, the third useful app you should have is one that helps you to source genuine parts at reasonable prices. You just need to input your car's make, and model, plus the parts you are interested in, and the application comes up with suitable suggestions on where to buy them. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps you to avoid incompatible spares.

Still, these applications do not substitute for the need for professional mechanics. They are just meant to help you augment your daily car care services. Whenever you sense that something is wrong with your car, consult your mechanic for a diagnosis even if your apps haven't suggested it.

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