Don't Spin Your Wheels: Three Reasons Why A Tire And Wheel Station Provides Better Service

21 August 2015
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Most people tend to take their vehicles to a standard auto service station when there is a problem with their vehicles' wheels. However, you might receive better service taking your vehicle to a tire and wheel service station. Because a tire and wheel station specializes in everything to do with your vehicle's wheels, you can rely on them to provide prompt and efficient service. In many cases, you can get same-day or same-hour service without an upcharge. Here are three other reasons for taking your car to a tire and wheel station rather than a general service station.    

Tire and Wheel Maintenance and Brake Service

Along with all of the maintenance services that a tire station provides (e.g., tire rotation, tire pressure checks, wheel alignment, tire inflation, etc.), the mechanics in these stations can spot and diagnose problems with your brakes rather quickly. Even if you have not noticed a problem with your brakes, the tire and wheel specialist can tell how long you have before your brakes start giving you problems. Since your vehicle is already up and in the air in the shop, you can choose to have your brakes fixed right there or wait to have them fixed. Either way, you know how long you have before your brakes will go and it will cost you a lot more money to have them fixed.

Parts Are Always Available

Tire and wheel stations keep a vast inventory of tires, brakes, hubs, hubcaps and tire repair products on site. It is very rare for them to not have the specific tire size in stock unless you have a custom set of wheels and tires (in which case you should call ahead and place an order). A general service station usually has the parts you need, but because a general service station does lots of other repairs, they might have a much more limited inventory due to limited storage space. 

Emergency Delivery Services Are a Possibility

If your car or truck blows a tire and you are not too far away from the tire service station, the business might have emergency delivery service. Some tire/wheel stations offer this as an added bonus to their regular customers because it is an effective way to keep customers loyal. The next time you need an emergency tire delivered to your location, call and ask a tire specialty station (such as Buettner Tire & Auto) if they deliver. If they do, you will need to tell them your tire size and brand information so they can pull the correct tire from their inventory.