3 Ways To Stop Holding Your Mechanic Back

4 September 2015
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Many of us are frustrated when we have to take our car into the shop for repairs, but we often don't realize that there are things that we do—and don't do—that actually makes the job tougher for our mechanic. Try following these tips to help make the job of fixing your car a little bit easier on your mechanic.

Keep Thorough Records

Even if you mostly maintain your car yourself, keep detailed records of what service was done on what date. That way, your mechanic has information that he can use to help diagnose trouble and recommend services that your car might need. Your records don't have to be fancy, either. A pocket-sized spiral notebook fits right in the glove box and has enough room for you to jot notes. You may also want to make notes about who performed each service, whether that was you, your uncle, or another mechanic.

Be As Specific As Possible

Often when people start having trouble with their car, they'll tell their mechanic something vague, such as, "It's making a funny noise." But that doesn't always tell the mechanic what he needs to know in order to troubleshoot the issue. Something more specific is way more helpful. Try something along the lines of, "The car makes a whirring click noise when I turn in either direction." If you honestly can't describe the noise or the problem, just be as specific as you can. Don't leave your mechanic to guess at what you might be finding to be a problem.

Be Available, Just in Case

If you're not sticking around in the waiting room, make sure that the mechanic knows how to get in touch with you if he needs to. There's nothing more frustrating than dropping off your car, expecting it to be fixed, then finding out too late that the car won't be ready until the next day, or even later. If you give your mechanic a specific number at which he can reach you, make sure that it's one he actually can reach you by. An answering machine is fine, as long as you're able to check it regularly and get back to him with information that he needs.

The more information you can give your mechanic, the more likely he'll be to be able to get your car back in good working order for you. Call a professional, like those at Professional Automotive, today if your car needs help.