Three Simple Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle's Tires

29 December 2015
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You don't need to be a car buff to take an active interest in your vehicle. A proactive approach can be an effective way to save money and one effective place to start is with your tires. Ignoring the health of your tires will not only put you at risk of getting in an accident, but can also cost you money as you'll find yourself needing to replace them more frequently. However, it's often possible to extend the life of your vehicle's tires in a number of simple ways, including these three methods.

Rotate Them Regularly

Whether you're comfortable doing the work yourself or you'd feel better scheduling an appointment at a local automotive garage, rotating your tires is integral to extending the life. This simple job prevents your tires from wearing down in certain areas -- instead of all the wear happening on the outer edge of a tire, for example, rotating them will allow the tires to wear more evenly to help extend the life. The exact frequency for rotating your tires depends on factors such as how much you drive and even your driving style, but the general rule is to get this quick job done one or two times per year.

Keep Them Properly Inflated

Ensuring that your vehicle's tires are properly inflated is a simple job that every driver should understand. When a tire is slightly flat, it will wear more quickly. You can learn the desired pounds per square inch, or PSI, for your tires by consulting your vehicle's manual or looking at the sticker mounted to the frame of the front door on the driver's side. Check your tires' inflation by using a digital tire gauge -- it's useful to buy one of these inexpensive tools and keep it in your glove compartment. If one tire is showing signs of being low, visit a gas station and follow the instructions on the air pump to fill the tire to its ideal inflation.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving puts you at a heightened risk of being in an accident, but can also wear your tires out prematurely. While it's common sense to avoid squealing your tires due to rapid acceleration, you should also make a point of stopping smoothly instead of abruptly. The latter, especially if you skid your tires, will cause them to lose rubber and you'll soon find yourself needing to visit a tire shop to buy new tires. Make a habit of looking well down the road as you drive so that you can anticipate issues in front of you and reduce your speed gradually.

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