Creating A Community Healthcare Center: How Office Trailers Can Help

2 August 2016
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All too often, communities don't have the access to health care centers they need. Whether they live in a rural setting that doesn't have enough population to sustain new construction for a community healthcare center or they live in an urban area with no space for new construction, some people can't visit a local healthcare clinic. Office trailers can provide the solution to the problem of both communities. If you are looking to create a community healthcare center, here are a few things to consider when looking for a modular office trailer.

Exam Room Space

The floor plan you select should have enough rooms to keep up with patient demands in your area. Look for a building that has multiple rooms that can be used for examinations. Even if you will only have one doctor on staff, having multiple rooms makes it easier for nurses to do initial health screenings, which can help to prevent long waits for care. It also makes it easier to expand the services offered at the healthcare center to include additional doctors and nurse practitioners.

Handicap Accessibility

While office trailers are typically one level, they are not always even with the ground. This means you will need to select a model that has a wheelchair access ramp and doors wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Restroom facilities within the building must also be handicap accessible. You may want to select a building with one or two large restrooms that can be used as unisex facilities to handle your patient's needs.

Spacious Waiting Room

Waits for doctor visits may be significant, especially if the area is unde-rserved by other hospitals or doctor offices. Be sure the waiting room is large enough to accommodate the number of people you expect to care for. If possible, look for a trailer with two separate waiting room areas so you can separate sick patients from those who are getting routine physicals to prevent the spread of germs.

Reception Desk

Your reception desk should be in the waiting room, but you may want to select an option with a private area off of the reception desk where your staff can discuss billing issues and appointments discreetly. This will help to give your patients an added level of trust and comfort when visiting the community healthcare clinic.

Keep these points in mind when looking for an office trailer to meet your needs, and be sure to discuss the plans with the community to get their input on what they need in terms of healthcare. To learn more, contact a company that specializes in office trailers like Instant Space Inc.