How Car Windows Can Be Damaged During The Summer

7 January 2018
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You might not think much about your car windows, but the last thing that you probably want is for one of them -- or your car's windshield -- to be damaged. Unfortunately, this can happen for a few reasons during the summer. These are some of the things that you might want to watch out for this summer so that you can keep your windows in good shape.

Extreme Temperature Changes

If your car's windows or windshield is already somewhat damaged, even with a small chip or crack, then the extreme temperatures during the summer months can actually cause the glass to shatter. Making sure that you take care of any damage to your windows or windshield now can help you prevent this from happening. You can also take steps to help protect your car from being in the direct heat, such as by parking in the shade. Not only can this help prevent temperature-related damage to your windows and windshield, but it can help you keep your car cooler in the summer as well.

Hurricane-Related Damage

If you reside in a coastal state that is sometimes affected by hurricanes, you have to think about how hurricanes could potentially damage your vehicle. As you might already know, hurricanes can strike during the summer or fall. If a hurricane blows through, a tree limb or some type of flying debris could hit your windshield or car windows and leave behind cracks or other serious damage. Trimming your trees and putting away lawn decorations and other items that could strike and damage your vehicle (or home) if a hurricane is forecast to hit your area can help. If possible, consider parking your car under a shelter or in a garage in the event of tropical weather.

Baseballs or Other Toys

In the summer when kids aren't in school and when they might be ready to get outside and enjoy the hot weather, there is a chance that your car's windshield or windows could be damaged. It might seem like a cliche, but baseballs, rocks and other hard objects can damage your vehicle's windows and windshield if they hit them hard enough. Keep an eye out for mischievous kids in your neighborhood, and make sure that you instruct your own children not to play baseball or throw other heavy objects near your car.

As you can see, there are a few concerns that you may need to be worried about when it comes to your auto glass during the summer months. By taking a few precautions, however, you can help protect your vehicle.

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