Tips For Dealing With A Broken Side Window In Your Car

12 March 2018
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It's a bad start to your day when you leave for work only to find a side window in your car cracked and broken. It's a major inconvenience, but repairs must be made so you can drive your car safely. Here are some tips for dealing with broken window glass.

Determine If The Glass Can Be Repaired

When a side window is cracked or crushed, it usually has to be replaced. It depends on the type of glass your model of car has and the degree of damage. If it's obvious the glass can't be fixed, then you'll want to clean up the glass as well as you can if you intend to drive the car. However, before you touch anything, take photos of the damage and call your insurance agent as well as the police.

A broken side window often results after an attempted break-in, so you won't want to bother the crime scene if the police will be inspecting the car. Next, call an auto glass repair company to schedule repairs. It's best to have the glass repaired as soon as possible, but if you can't, then you'll want to cover the window to keep out rain, animals, and bugs.

Remove Glass And Cover The Window

If you need to get to work and you have no other means but driving your car, you may want to vacuum all the glass bits out of your car and finished knocking out the glass so you can drive safely. It could be better to drive without covering the window if you can do so safely unless the window is in the back where it doesn't block your view. You can cover the window with a sheet of plastic, or a plastic trash bag. Even a piece of cardboard might work. However, it's best to choose something waterproof so it will keep rain from getting inside your car. Another option is to use clear packing tape and cover the window frame with it. Just be sure to clean the surface well so the tape will stick.

Have Repairs Done As Soon As Possible

No matter how well you tape up the window, there is still the possibility it will leak when it rains or it will come loose when you're driving and pose a safety hazard. Not only that, the sound of the plastic rattling will probably get on your nerves pretty fast. Missing glass also makes it easy for intruders to get inside and that puts your personal safety and your car at risk.

Replacing or filling a crack in a side window doesn't take too long, but it is careful work because the window has to be installed perfectly to seal like it should. Otherwise, it will leak or whistle. A broken side window isn't as big of an emergency as a broken windshield, but you want it fixed as soon as you can so you and your car are protected.