Buying A New Toyota Car And Having A Baby Soon? 2 Safety Features Available For Your Car

27 July 2018
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If you are planning to purchase a new Toyota car and you are also having a baby soon, you want to ensure the car you choose will be as safe as it can be for your little one, as well as for you and the rest of your family. In order to do this, you need to learn of some safety features that are available when you purchase a new car. Below are two of these safety features so you can get started and have your new car in your driveway.

1. Rearview Backup Camera

You can choose to have a rearview backup camera installed in a new car. With this, a camera is installed at the rear of the car, and a display screen is installed inside the car. When you put your car in reverse, you can look at the display to see what is behind your car. This will help prevent you from backing into something. This also prevents you from hitting someone. For example, if your child is playing outside in the driveway and behind you, you could easily hit them with your car.

When you put your car in forward the backup camera immediately turns off. The display will then show what you have set up, such as radio stations.

2. Pre-Collision System

A pre-collision system helps prevent you from hitting someone or something that is in front of your vehicle. For example, if there is a car that you are going to collide into, the pre-collision system will alert you by audio that comes from your speakers. The system may also alert you by flashing lights on your dashboard. If you do not start putting on the breaks when the system alerts you, the system will automatically stop your car for you. Even if you apply the brakes and the system determines you need more force they will apply more force to the braking system. 

This type of system uses a camera that is installed in the front of your vehicle. The camera is very small and cannot be seen. Sensors are also installed for the system to sense what is in front of your vehicle.

Talk with the salesperson at the Toyota services dealership about these and other safety features you can choose for your new car. If you fail to choose something that you want, you can take your car back to the Toyota service center and have the safety feature installed.