4 Maintenance Habits That Will Extend The Life Of Your Transmission And Keep You Out Of The Repair Shop

21 January 2019
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To ensure your car is reliable and efficient, regular maintenance is important. The maintenance includes regular oil changes, brake jobs and tire care. In addition, you also want to do routine maintenance for transmissions and suspension parts if you want to keep your car out of the repair shop. Here are some maintenance habits that will help extend the life of your transmission and keep your car out of the repair shop:

1. Catch Problems Before They Become Costly by Checking the Fluid Regularly

Preventive maintenance is important to catch car problems before they turn into costly repairs. Part of routine maintenance is checking all your fluids regularly, which should include checking the transmission fluid. In addition, if you notice problems with your car shifting gears, check the transmission fluid to ensure you do not have any leaks that may be causing the problem due to your car being low on fluid.

2. Occasionally Have Your Transmission Flushed and The Fluids Changed to Reduce Wear

Your transmission does not need to have the fluid changed as much as the engine oil, but it should still be changed. Have it changed at least every few years, regardless of the manufacturer's recommendations because these lubricants breakdown overtime and do not work as well at reducing friction as they do the first time the transmission is filled with fluid. If you put a lot of miles on your car annually, you will want to have the transmission flushed and fluid changed more frequently to reduce wear.

3. Checking Seals and Repairing Leaks to Prevent Serious Transmission Problems

There are seals in many areas of your car, including one where the transmission connects to the engine. It is important to occasionally inspect the transmission for leaks, especially around areas where parts are connected, and seals are used. If you notice your transmission losing fluid due to leaks, take it to a transmission repair service to fix the seal before it causes serious damage.

4. Engine and Cooling System Maintenance To Reduce Stress On You Car's Transmission

The engine and cooling system maintenance of your car should be a priority to reduce wear of parts and stress on the transmission. It is important to regularly have your oil changed, as well as flushing the cooling system. If you live in a colder climate, this is something that you may want to do in fall and spring to use cold weather fluids that protect your car from freezing temperatures.

These are some routine transmission care tips to help you keep your car out of the repair shop. If you need help with transmission maintenance or repairs, contact a transmission repair service to prevent problems from getting worse and costlier to fix.