Common Vehicle Maintenance And Repair Mistakes

9 June 2019
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An automobile is easily the most complicated and important tool that most people will own. However, they may fail to appreciate that their car is a mechanical device, and this can lead to making any one of a handful of common vehicle maintenance mistakes.

Ignoring Engine Warning Lights

Modern vehicles are equipped with elaborate internal monitoring systems that will allow for the vehicle to determine when a range of performance problems or malfunctions are starting to occur. To alert the driver of these issues, vehicles will usually incorporate warning lights that can help to provide some information about the issue to the driver. Unfortunately, drivers will frequently fail to act on these warning lights as long as the engine seems to be functioning correctly. However, having repairs done as soon as you notice these lights will help to reduce the damage that occurs so that the scope of the needed repairs can be limited.

Failing To Track The Vehicle's Maintenance History

Improper maintenance can be another major source of problems for a vehicle. While automotive maintenance is not particularly difficult for those that have professionals do this work for them, it can be difficult to keep track of when the various maintenance tasks have been done for the vehicle. This can put the vehicle at risk of missing important maintenance milestones and scheduled service visits. Over the life of the vehicle, these delays can substantially increase the amount of wear that the vehicle suffers. To make sure that you are keeping the vehicle on schedule for its recommended maintenance, you should keep a log that records when any maintenance work is done. Rather than simply recording the date of this work, it can also be important to record the mileage of the vehicle as many maintenance tasks are more easily tracked by mileage rather than date.

Driving On Under-Inflated Tires

Having under-inflated tires can be another source of problems for car owners. In addition to contributing to the vehicle being unstable or otherwise difficult to use, this issue can also lead to the vehicle suffering wear and damage. When the tires are underinflated, the vehicle's ability to absorb vibrations and minor impacts from the road will be weakened. This can result in more of the force of these impacts making it to mechanically important parts of the vehicle. Additionally, under-inflated tires can lead to the vehicle's engine having to exert more work to move the vehicle, which can also increase the wear on the vehicle.

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