6.0 Diesel Engines: An Intro For Curious Customers

8 December 2020
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If you are custom building your own heavy-duty truck, picking the engine is obviously one of the most important steps in the process. A lot of custom builders will go with a diesel engine, and it is for good reason. Diesel engines have the ability to yield much more torque, much more hauling capacity, and much more life. The 6.0L diesel engine is a highly sought after model. If you are looking for the best for your truck, you are bound to have a few questions. Take a look at some of the common curiosities and answers you should know. 

How much horsepower can you get from a 6.0 diesel engine?

The standard horsepower (HP) of a 6.0L diesel engine can vary depending on the engine, how it is made, and who made it. You can find some engines with lower-end horsepower and some with higher, and adjusting certain features can obviously give you more horses. For example, the general Powerstroke performance 6.0L will yield you about 325hp, but there has been mention of taking these engines to much, much higher horsepower. By adding a bigger fuel pump, larger pistons, and bigger injectors to a standard diesel engine, you can usually get your hp up to a more impressive level.

Can you add a turbo o a 6.0L diesel engine?

Turbo on diesel engines is actually quite common among certain types, especially in international vehicles. Many of the diesel engines in production today here domestically are designed in a way that turbo can be added if that is what the customer wants. Some diesel engines are outfitted with their own included turbo systems right in the factory. If you have intentions to add turbo capabilities to a diesel engine, check with the specs from the manufacturer. You may find the engine is already equipped with ports and openings to add the turbo booster. 

How do you find the best diesel engine?

Look for well-established diesel engines that have been in production for a while. While there are some great new prospects out there to choose from that may be fine, well-established diesel engine brands have usually been tweaked and adjusted over the years to be as good as possible. For example, the Powerstroke performance engine line has been in production since 1994. Over the years, these Ford-made engines have gotten a lot of consumer attention and grown to be some of the top preferred available.

For more information about performance engines, such as a 6.0 Powerstroke performance engine, contact a local auto parts supplier.