The Benefits Of Regular Wheel Alignments

22 July 2021
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Owning a car comes with a lot of recurring costs: oil changes, tire rotations, fluid refills, belt replacements, refueling, wheel alignments, and much more. These costs can feel overwhelming at times when you rely on your vehicle as your sole method of transportation. When all these costs start to add up, some might wonder if a wheel alignment is an absolutely essential expense or if it can be skipped altogether or put off to a later date. The following are the top reasons why regular alignments are essential and why you should never procrastinate.  

Increased Tire Lifespan

The main reason you should never put off alignments is that doing so can shorten the life of your tires through improper wear. Buying a set of tires is expensive. Tire pricing varies greatly depending on the type of vehicle you drive, but the price can quickly add up after buying up to four new tires. New tires should last for a while, but their lifespan will be shortened by improper wearing if you skip the alignment.  

Smoother Ride

One purpose of an alignment is to ensure that each wheel is rotating properly so that your tires are hitting the road at the proper angle. When they aren't hitting at the proper angle, it increases the bumping and jarring you experience during your drive. The proper angle will allow you to feel the smoothest ride possible with your vehicle's suspension.  

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Anything that causes drag on your car increases the amount of fuel expended in order to keep the motor humming at your desired speed. An alignment does a few things to reduce drag. As mentioned, it makes sure your tires are hitting the road at the right angle. It also makes sure your tires are straight and your wheels are centered in the wheel well. All of this reduces the amount of fuel you need to burn on your journey.  

Fewer Suspension Problems

An alignment makes sure your wheels are centered and the tires are hitting the road correctly. This is accomplished by adjusting the suspension of your vehicle using a computerized system. When your wheels are out of alignment, there is additional stress on the suspension. If left unattended, improper alignment will stress the suspension bushings resulting in problems and expensive replacements earlier than necessary.

For more information on new tires or a wheel alignment, contact an auto service in your area.