Why Stone Chips Need To Be Repaired Quickly

3 March 2022
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When you drive your car, it will be hit by stones in different ways. For one thing, as you drive down the road the small stones in the road can get flicked up against the paint, causing chips in it. Also, when you are driving behind other vehicles on the roads, the tires from those vehicles will throw small stones against your car's windshield and the car itself. This can cause stone chips both in the windshield and in the paint. You can learn more about stone chips and why they should be fixed right away, whether they are in the windshield, the paint, or both. Here is more on that: 

More on the causes of stone chips

There are some things that increase the chances of your car getting more stone chip damage. Large trucks can cause more stone chips because the trucks have wider tires that kick up more stones. Also, semi-trucks have even more tires throwing stones toward your car. Driving on a roadway with loose gravel means a lot more stones are on the road to be kicked up. If you have recently driven in these types of situations, you should take a close look at the windshield and paint to check for stone chips. 

The importance of repairing stone chips in the windshield right away

If you have stone chips in the windshield, then acting quickly is important. A stone chip in the windshield that gets ignored can end up becoming a crack. Once a crack has developed, there is a higher risk of you needing to have the whole windshield replaced. Also, stone chips can cause the sun to reflect right in your eye in a way that causes momentary visibility issues. This is extremely dangerous when you are driving your car. Having the chips repaired right away can prevent these types of things from occurring. 

The importance of repairing stone chips in the paint quickly

When you have stone chips in the paint, it will affect the look of your car. If your car is in great shape, then it's such a shame to have something like small chips ruin its appearance. However, there is a significant reason for not putting off the repairs. When there are chips in the paint, things like water and wind can cause the chips to become larger as time goes on. When they get larger, they will be more visible and there will be more of a risk to the car. 

Stone chips in the paint will expose the material underneath. When metal is exposed, water, salt, and chemicals can end up causing rust to develop. Rust is something that can be a very big problem for your car. Repairing the stone chips right away prevents them from developing those concerns, and it gives you back your fantastic-looking car.

Contact a local auto shop for more information about stone chip repair.