Why Working With A Local Repair Shop To Keep Your Car Maintained Is Beneficial

1 April 2022
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Keeping your car or truck running right and ready when needed is crucial. If your vehicle is not well maintained, you could find yourself stranded and needing auto repair. However, working with your local auto repair service to regularly maintain the car can help avoid problems.

Preventive Maintenance

Your car or truck has many moving parts that require lubrication and maintenance to ensure they are working correctly. The best way to keep those parts are in good condition is to inspect them regularly and keep up with the maintenance with a schedule that fits your needs while keeping the maintenance inside the manufacturer's recommend window.

Some of your vehicle's most critical maintenance items include oil changes, and any local auto repair shop can handle those for you. It is essential to check the recommended interval for maintenance items because some of these are changing as more synthetic lubricants enter the marketplace. Because the oil you choose has such a significant impact on engine and bearing wear, it is critical to use the best quality oil you can to extend the service life of your vehicle's engine. 

Oil changes that used to be done every few thousand miles are often not required near as often, depending on the oil the manufacturer has put into your car. Check your owner's manual to get the recommended mileage and mileage for these kinds of maintenance, or talk with the tech at the auto repair shop about what you need to maintain when.

The maintenance schedule from the manufacturer will outline all the parts that need attention, including the engine, transmission, tires, brakes, and even the air filters in the car.

Chassis Maintenance

The chassis and suspension under your vehicle is another area that needs proper maintenance to ensure the ride and handling of the vehicle. Many of the main components in the suspension and steering will benefit from regular greasing to reduce friction and keep the parts tight. 

Most of the greasable areas on the suspension and steering of the vehicle use small grease fittings that you can use to inject grease into the areas that need it. The auto repair tech doing the maintenance on the car will also check the parts to ensure they are not worn and unsafe before greasing them. 

While under the car, the tires should be removed and rotated, the brakes inspected and cleaned, and everything checked for leaks or problems that you might not see at any other time. When the maintenance is done on time and regularly, the auto repair tech will often be able to spot potential problems early so the tech can repair them before the car has a major breakdown that could cost you time and money.