Common Tire Problems That Drivers Encounter

6 May 2022
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Tire problems can compromise your safety and reduce your car's performance. However regular tire maintenance from a car tire service center can prevent safety risks and improve the life span of your tires. Here are the common tire problems that drivers encounter.


Normally, tires are sturdy and made to endure pressure from debris and withstand harsh conditions. However, sharp objects such as nails can puncture tires causing them to deflate. If you notice your tire's pressure is less in one tire compared to the other tires, this is a sign you have a slow puncture. Visit a car tire service to patch the tire immediately, even in case of a slow leak, to avoid moisture seeping in.

Old and Bald Tires

Tires are made of rubber and are ever rolling in motion, supporting your car's weight as you move from one place to another. This results in your tire's treads becoming diminished, compromising your car's braking and maneuvering. Diminished tires pose a safety risk and should be replaced right away. Inspect your tire's tread depth from time to time. If the tires seem bald and worn out, visit a car tire service shop for a replacement.

Cracks and Bulges

Cracking and bulging in car tires result from hitting potholes as you drive. Further impact on a cracked tire can cause the sidewalls to crack. The only remedy for cracked and bulging tires is finding new tire replacements. To prevent the possibility of cracks and bulges on your tire in the future, avoid hitting potholes by driving slowly.

Tire Misalignment

Tire and wheel misalignment causes tires to wear out on one side exposing you to serious safety concerns. One obvious sign to help you notice tire misalignment is a crooked steering wheel. Treat tire misalignment as a serious safety concern and have it repaired immediately at a car tire service center.

Over and Underinflated Tires 

Poorly inflated tires cause premature tire damages, restricting your vehicle's performance. Overinflating tires causes degradation in the middle of the tire, while underinflating degrades the corners of your tire. For optimum vehicle performance, maintain the right tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturers.

Above are the common tire problems that drivers encounter. If your tires are worn out, punctured, or have cracks and bulges, visit a car tire service shop to get a tire repair or replacement. Additionally, watch out for other tire problems like tire misalignment and incorrectly inflated tires to be safe.