Why Does Your Car Need Brake Services?

22 July 2022
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Does your car really need brake services? You may not be sure whether the strange sound, odd odor, or other issue requires a professional inspection or repair. If you suspect a potential problem but aren't sure if you really need a pro to fix it ASAP, take a look at what you need to know about auto brake services.

Do Your Brakes Make Noise?

There are a few different common noises brakes may make. These include squeaking, squealing, grinding, and rattling sounds. The specific sounds your brakes make provide a clue that can help you solve this auto mystery:

  • Squeaking and squealing. These two types of sounds may seem similar and happen for the same reasons. The top causes of squeaking or squealing include dirty brakes/brake dust, worn brake pads, worn friction material, or lack of lubrication.

  • Grinding. This noticeably loud noise may come from worn brake pads, worn brake shoes, or a caliper that sticks. 

  • Rattling. A warped rotor, missing anti-rattle clips/shims/brake lining, or dirty/malfunctioning caliper slides can cause an audible rattle.

Along with these noises, you could also notice a thumping sound. This could indicate a problem with the rear brake drums or possibly front brake rotor damage. 

What Should You Do If You Hear A Noise?

Whether your brakes squeal, squeak, grind, rattle, or thump, you need to call a pro. Professional brake services can:

  • Spot minor problems before they become major issues. A slightly worn brake pad may not cause serious problems right now. But if you let it go, this type of wear can put you, your car, and other drivers at risk. 

  • Find issues you might not know to look for. A pro has the experience and expertise necessary to find brake system issues that a novice might not know to look for. 

  • Make the necessary repairs or replacements. Incorrect repairs and poor installation could turn your car into a road hazard. Leave this type of job to a professional.

Contact a qualified mechanic or auto shop as soon as you notice the noise. The pro might need to see your car immediately or ask that you try not to drive your vehicle until they've inspected the problem. 

Are There Other Signs Of Brake Issues To Look For?

While noises are often the first signal of a brake problem, you may also notice other odd or off symptoms. A strange smell when you brake, slow/ineffective braking, and brake-related warning lights on the dashboard are signs you should never ignore.