Cars With A Continously Variable Transmission Are More Prone To Overheating

23 February 2023
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Manual transmissions are the oldest types of transmissions, and automatic transmissions are the most common. But continuously variable transmission (CTV) is becoming more popular because a driver can seamlessly transition through various gears. However, if you are driving a car with a CTV transmission for the first time, remember that they can overheat more quickly and leave you with an expensive repair bill.

Why Manufacturers are Increasingly Using CTV Transmissions

Because the CTV can shift seamlessly between gears, it can shift continuously regardless of the outward velocity of the vehicle. The vehicle is also able to improve your fuel economy.

How a CTV Works

With a CTV, your transmission relies on two pulleys to provide an endless array of gear ratios and a system of pulleys. However, this aspect of your transmission also causes it to overheat faster than other transmissions. 

One of the pulleys connects to the engine, and another to your vehicle's wheels. However, the design of the transmission causes it to overheat during long trips.

Your Transmission May Also Have a Leak

The transmission can also overheat due to a defective cooling system.

Like all transmission systems, the fluid plays a role in cooling the transmission and preventing it from overheating. However, your transmission needs a CTV transmission fluid, and you might have difficulty replacing it if there is a shortage.

When to Replace the Transmission Fluid

A technician must replace the transmission fluid when it becomes muddy or murky. Otherwise, your car will jerk or jump for no reason.

Warning Signs of an Overheating Transmission

If your transmission is overheating, you might notice a burning smell in your car. It might smell like your vehicle is rotting. The fact that your transmission is overheating not only means that a qualified technician should service it, but it might also be a fire hazard. Therefore, you'll want to visit a transmission repair technician promptly.

You might also have a leaking CTV when you notice a terrible odor because of the smell of the CTV fluid. Not only will you need to replace your transmission fluid, but you'll also need to fix the leak, so the new fluid doesn't leak out.

Your Vehicle Might Enter Into Limp Mode

You might experience a sudden loss in acceleration. The CTV transmission has sensors that detect when the transmission is overheating and will cause your vehicle to decelerate to avoid damaging it. Deceleration often occurs during a long highway trip and is called "limp mode." If you are experiencing this problem, take a quick trip to a transmission repair shop to request an inspection.