Brake Myths That Make It Harder To Maintain Your Vehicle

28 March 2023
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When it comes to maintaining a car's brake system, numerous misconceptions can lead to people encountering difficulties in properly maintaining this critical component of their vehicles. Unfortunately, believing in these myths can have significant impacts on your safety.

Myth: You Can Always Notice When Your Brakes Need Replacing 

While noisy brakes might indicate an issue, assuming that loud grinding noises are the only sign of a problem with your braking system is a mistake. Some brake issues, such as stuck caliper pins, could affect performance without producing noticeable sounds or feedback.

Scheduling regular inspections of all brake components is crucial for determining their overall condition. Issues like brake fluid leaks or corrosion may develop without your knowledge, leading to severe problems that could result in costly and dangerous situations. By having these inspections performed, you can address potential issues before they compromise your safety.

Myth: Brake Replacements Must Be Done at Dealerships

Contrary to popular belief, repairing or replacing a vehicle's brakes does not require the exclusive expertise of dealership mechanics. Whether working at an authorized dealership or as independent technicians, licensed auto mechanics can effectively address your brake needs. While it may be theoretically possible for you to work on your own brakes, this can be complicated. As a result, most car owners will prefer to leave this work to a professional repair shop.

Independent repair shops often provide superior customer service compared to dealerships without jeopardizing manufacturer warranties. Additionally, they may offer more competitive prices due to lower overhead costs compared to dealerships.

Myth: The Brake System Does Not Need Regular Maintenance

Failing to maintain your brakes can result in premature wear and reduced stopping power, endangering vehicle occupants during emergency stops. Moreover, neglecting routine brake checks can lead to complete brake failure, which could increase the risk of accidents.

Experts generally recommend that drivers have their brakes inspected at least once a year during regular servicing. During these service checks, mechanics evaluate your braking system for signs of wear, ensuring that each component functions effectively.

Myth: New Cars Have Safety Features That Eliminate the Need for Brake Checks

Although modern vehicles boast various active safety features, such as automatic and advanced driver assistance systems, these technologies do not eliminate the need for thorough brake maintenance. While these features assist drivers by reducing reliance on human reaction times, they have more complex maintenance requirements than traditional braking systems. Manufacturers provide suggested service intervals for the brakes based on mileage or time. These intervals vary significantly, which makes it essential to carefully review the owner's manual.

Contact a local mechanic to learn more about your car's brakes.