4 Ways Your Vehicle's Alignment Benefits Your Vehicle

23 June 2023
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Most drivers only go to the tire shop when they are in the market for new tires. They often do not avail themselves of other services, such as alignments the shops offer. But a vehicle alignment affects your tires more than any other part of your vehicle's maintenance. This service is not just another expense; in all reality keeping your vehicle aligned will save you money and protect your tires. Here are a few of the ways a good alignment benefits your vehicle.

1. Extends Your Tire's Life

If you notice that your tires seem to be wearing faster and you visit the tire shop than you have previously, you may want to blame the manufacturer, but it may simply be due to a bad alignment. When your vehicle is aligned, the technician adjusts your car's suspension. They adjust the angles of your tires along with your wheels. When your vehicle is correctly aligned, your tires meet the road more evenly and smoothly, which extends the life of your tires and wheels. 

When your vehicle is poorly aligned, your tires fight to achieve balance on the road. Some tires hit harder than others, leading to uneven wear and losing grip on certain surfaces. Having your vehicle aligned avoids this, extends the life of your tires, and saves you money.

2. Increases Your Vehicle's Safety

Tire shops put so much emphasis on your tire tread due to the safety concerns with driving on damaged or worn tires, which often result from poor alignment. A well-aligned vehicle helps you maintain good tire tread, which leads to better braking. A good alignment also affects your steering and provides better vehicle control, helping you keep your vehicle in your lane.

3. Produces A Smoother Ride

Have you ever driven your vehicle when it felt like it was pulling to one side, shaking, or vibrating? Has your ride seemed more bumpy than usual lately? These indicators may be due to your vehicle needing an alignment. Having your car aligned at the tire shop produces a steadier, smoother ride for you and your passengers. 

4. Reduce Future Maintenance Bills

Failing to maintain your vehicle's alignment can lead to other maintenance issues in the future. It puts additional stress on your steering and suspension components which in turn causes more wear and tear. When your tires are not correctly aligned, they cannot produce optimal buffering for your steering and suspension. You can avoid some of these by visiting a local tire shop and investing in a four-wheel alignment.