Water Pump Malfunctions: What To Know

13 July 2023
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Your car's water pump is essential for maintaining the circulation of your engine's coolant. This contributes to regulating the engine temperature, which protects the engine from overheating. Unfortunately, like any other mechanical part, your water pump is susceptible to damage and potential failure. Understanding the basics about your car's water pump will help you seek auto repair services right away and potentially avoid complete failure.

What Are Some Signs Of Water Pump Trouble?

Your engine's water pump will show some indications of trouble before it fails completely. You might start to notice a leak under your truck. That coolant leak often results from a failed seal in the water pump. Sometimes, you'll hear grinding or squeaking in the engine coupled with higher running temperatures on the engine. When you see signs like this, it's important to reach out to an auto repair technician as soon as possible. Avoid running your car when possible so that you don't risk further damage to the engine.

What Are Some Causes Of Water Pump Trouble?

Water pumps rely on a series of mechanical components, including bearings, belts, and thermostats. When those things malfunction or the internal seal fails, you'll face problems with the pump's operation. Sometimes, age and mileage lead to drying and cracking of the gasket or seal on the water pump. This permits coolant to leak and jeopardizes the integrity of the pump. In other cases, corrosion over the life of the pump releases debris within the internal components. Your auto repair technician can assess the engine and help you understand what caused your water pump to malfunction.

Can You See Signs Of Water Pump Trouble?

If you look at your water pump, you might be able to spot the signs of problems. If the pump is leaking, you'll see coolant drops coming from the area of the leak. You might see a crack in the housing, rust on the pump casing, or even damage to the water pump's belt. Check the pulley and the belt for any excess play and listen for any odd sounds. Call your auto repair technician right away if you see any visual indications of trouble.

The more you understand about a malfunctioning water pump, the easier it is to address repair issues within your engine. Talk with a local auto repair technician as soon as possible to have your car's water pump inspected, tested, or replaced. The more proactive you are, the less collateral damage your engine is likely to suffer.  

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