What Happens To An Engine When You Never Change The Oil?

29 March 2019
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For many years, experts have recommended changing the oil in a car every 3,000 miles. While you may not need to change the oil in your car that often, changing it regularly is important. If you fail to ever change the oil, problems in your engine are highly likely to occur. Here are several things that can happen if you never change the oil in your car: The Oil Will Thicken Read More 

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Brakes

1 March 2019
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The weight of your vehicle and the constant amount of friction that your brakes are exposed to, especially while traveling at higher speeds, can quickly wear down your brake pads and place stress on the other parts of your brake system. This is why you brakes require regular maintenance and replacement to stay in good working order. Fortunately, there are a couple of things that you can do – or avoid doing – to improve your brakes' lifespan and save money on brake repairs in the long run. Read More 

4 Maintenance Habits That Will Extend The Life Of Your Transmission And Keep You Out Of The Repair Shop

21 January 2019
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To ensure your car is reliable and efficient, regular maintenance is important. The maintenance includes regular oil changes, brake jobs and tire care. In addition, you also want to do routine maintenance for transmissions and suspension parts if you want to keep your car out of the repair shop. Here are some maintenance habits that will help extend the life of your transmission and keep your car out of the repair shop: Read More