Common Signs Of A Faulty Transmission Speed Sensor

11 August 2019
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Automotive transmissions are complicated parts that play a very important role in the operation of a vehicle. If any component of the transmission is faulty, it is important to have repairs made as quickly as possible. One component of a transmission is the speed sensor. The speed sensor is responsible for determining the precise speed of the wheels and the engine in order to shift to the proper gear. Unfortunately, transmission speed sensors can wear out or stop working properly, which can cause a number of issues. Read More 

How To Run A New Car Dealership More Efficiently

15 July 2019
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If you have spent your entire life in the car-selling industry, then it may be time to make some big moves towards opening your own dealership. But just like with any business, starting something out on your own from scratch can sometimes feel a little bit daunting. To help your business thrive and flourish, this article will list a few different things that you can do. Are you ready to learn some more? Read More 

Common Vehicle Maintenance And Repair Mistakes

9 June 2019
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An automobile is easily the most complicated and important tool that most people will own. However, they may fail to appreciate that their car is a mechanical device, and this can lead to making any one of a handful of common vehicle maintenance mistakes. Ignoring Engine Warning Lights Modern vehicles are equipped with elaborate internal monitoring systems that will allow for the vehicle to determine when a range of performance problems or malfunctions are starting to occur. Read More 

Times When You Need To Have Your Vehicle Towed To The Tire Shop

19 May 2019
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If your tires are in seemingly good shape and they have just lost a good amount of their tread, then you might not have a problem driving your vehicle to the tire services shop. However, there are some instances when you should absolutely tow your vehicle to the tire shop instead of driving it there. This is for your safety, the safety of others on the road, and the safety of your vehicle as well. Read More 

What Happens To An Engine When You Never Change The Oil?

29 March 2019
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For many years, experts have recommended changing the oil in a car every 3,000 miles. While you may not need to change the oil in your car that often, changing it regularly is important. If you fail to ever change the oil, problems in your engine are highly likely to occur. Here are several things that can happen if you never change the oil in your car: The Oil Will Thicken Read More