Cars With A Continously Variable Transmission Are More Prone To Overheating

23 February 2023
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Manual transmissions are the oldest types of transmissions, and automatic transmissions are the most common. But continuously variable transmission (CTV) is becoming more popular because a driver can seamlessly transition through various gears. However, if you are driving a car with a CTV transmission for the first time, remember that they can overheat more quickly and leave you with an expensive repair bill. Why Manufacturers are Increasingly Using CTV Transmissions Read More 

3 Automotive Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

30 January 2023
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If you drive a vehicle that's been around the block a few times, you're probably used to listening to a variety of different noises. Squeaks and rattles are common in older vehicles, and they develop with frightening speed even in newer cars. However, not every sound that your car makes originates from a piece of cheap interior plastic or some other harmless source. In many cases, unusual sounds may signal serious trouble and indicate that you should get your car to a service shop sooner rather than later. Read More